Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing #23

Hooray!!! I am at the finish line!!! It seems like yesterday that I signed up for this journey--I hope that does not mean my summer is over !
My thoughts on this fun trip.....

I was guided into so many discoveries. I really loved the mosaic maker. I was proud that I was able to make a video. I also love (and use daily) Google Reader.

This journey has definitely contributed to my goals of lifelong learning. It is so easy to say " I could probably do that" but never take the extra step and actually do it. (make a video, create a wiki). So, I guess I needed a push and I got it. I just hope I remember the thrill of learning this new information and keep on going.

I did have some "take aways" from this program. The most significant is the Wiki-- I am in the process of setting up my Wiki home page so I can share it with the other SLPs in the district. I have a vision for it and I hope I can see it thru.

Improvement on the program? Well, no changes come to mind. I like that everything is broken up into small chunks, it is very doable. I also thought all the links in each Thing-- were so helpful and informative.

Would I do this again? YES!!

How would I describe the process in one word or sentence?
There is a whole world of discovery, ways to create, and teach at your fingertips!

I will definitely keep going to the players blogs and make comments.

It has been fun!

Thing #22

NINGS-- it was interesting going thru this site-- I search for groups my typing "speech therapy" "speech therapist" " speech pathologist"= it was interesting to see what came up. I explored a few of the sites. It is hard to determine how to use this from a classroom perspective- but it is a good resource for professional information. I am not sure I would use it much.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing #21

It was daunting to think I had to create a video! But, once I gathered a few pics that I had on my desktop, it went pretty smooth. I even found free music on the web and added a song! My son was in a World Series Baseball Tournament- so I used that for a subject. I think this is a great way for a student to express themselves.

Thing #20

I have been familiar with you tube- of course only for watching silly videos people post and email around. I had not had any experience with teacher tube. I searched for professional information (speech therapy, social stories, apraxia, language therapy, etc). I am amazed at the amount of videos that I found. It is surprising how many people took the time to video and then post a video with information or just a video of a therapy session. I have never thought to actually post of video of me conducting therapy. I can see how beneficial this would be-- I am glad I know it is there. A strategy that speech pathologist use with student that have difficulty with social skills- kids with autism or PDD- are social stories. These are usually short stories with simple sentences, written in the first person and sometimes contains pictures of the student doing the task. They describe what a behavior should look like-- how you stand in line, how you get the teachers attention, etc. Therapist are now starting to use the flip cameras and filming the students performing the task correctly. This is a teacher tool that is helpful for these students. I found several social stories video on teacher tube.

I am glad I know this resource is there--I am not sure I will ever download a video, but I would probably use one of the video's posted in therapy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #19

The Web 2.0 Awards- is a great resource to "tag". I have used several of the sites--Zillow, google/yahoo maps, craiglist, pandora, esty and facebook- to name a few.
I tried getting on DOOF- because it caught my attention, but the link did not work. I also enjoyed playing with Lyric Mode-- I certainly need that site (my kids remind me of that everytime we listen to music in the car!)
I really like the way it was laid out on the chart format. I am not really sure how I would use this site for my Elementary age speech students. I am sure it is a great resource for librarians- it lists all the sites we have been learning about in one spot. So-- in thing18 I said I was a little overwhlemed with the new info-- now I know all the sites I have learned about are right here.

Thing #18

The online productivity tools are great. I like the idea of having access to your documents from any computer. It is definitely an advantage. I will say that in the past it probably would have been more appealing to me-- but now that I have a laptop- my documents are usually always with me. I do like the idea of using when you are collaborating on a paper/article/reasearch. A disadvantage of course, is just leaving the comfort zone of microsoft office. I am starting to feel a little overwhlemed with the new information I am learning. There is so much out there that I would like to put into practice- I guess I will just have to file this away for "when needed".

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thing #17

It was interesting exploring Rollyo. My family is in the market for a puppy- a yellow lab. I am trying to get my children involved in researching lab puppies, kennels, how to train, etc. I used Rollyo to set up a search with several sites my children can go to when searching yellow lab puppies. I will set them up on it soon. I am not sure how I would use it for my young elementary kids in speech therapy, but it is a good tool to be familiar with.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thing #16

I am glad I finally got an understanding of Wiki's. I am going to create one for the Speech Pathologists in SBISD. We are a collaborative group and are always sending around emails with idea and web links. I am hoping to set up a Wiki so we can have a place for discussions and a spot for posting web links.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thing #15

Change is hard- the idea of a library changing and "looking" different is hard to grasp. But, the efficiency of all information at your fingertips on the web is fascinating. It was interesting that one of the articles discussed how libraries (1.0, 2.0) do not resplace each other, but absorb the next one. The just add to their usefulness, information, etc. Also, I like the idea of libraries being interactive. As school employees, our students (consumers) change and it is the same for the libraries. We have to constantly change the way we teach or do therapy. We are not replacing what we have previously done, but improving and making it more relevant.
The youtube video was pretty powerful. I think students and adults spend more and more time in front of the tv, computer, on the web, social netwoking, etc. I liked it when the student said she "multi-tasks". I find myself dong the same thing. It is great having so much information readily available. I have not had a phone book or anykind of maps in my house for years. We use the computer for phone numbers, directions, shopping, music, reasearch, and searching products. I have always been open to learning new skills on the computer and the web world, but Library2play has opened up a whole new world.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing #14

Once again I am overwhelmed with a site. I could play for hours on Technorati just doing searches and not even actually reading the blogs. When I did the School Library Learning- I used "exact words" to search. I came up with about 21 tags, 128 blogs, and over 3000 in the blog directory. It seems like the most popular blogs out there are technical/computer ones and entertainment information. Which seems pathetic, (the entertainment ones) but I love those sites, too.
I like the idea of tagging. I liked what the news article (Chicago Tibune) said about dilicious - where you (the reader)are tagging what you find interesting and how you want to categorize it--it is for the user. The technorati site is based on how the publisher wants to categorize the post or information. They are both great sites to do searches and explore- but one is based on the writer and one is based on the readers. One thing for sure--- whatever information you need can be found on these sites. I am always "googling" questions (how to paint a piece of furniture= was the latest) now I have new sites to ask my questions.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thing #13

Wow! I am pretty happy with Delicious. I have a laptop at school and I use a computer at home (I do not always bring my laptop home), so Delicious will be so helpful. I imported all my bookmarks (favorites) from my laptop to Delicious. Then I went thru and gave them all a tag. It is nice and organized. So, now I have access to my bookmarks on my home computer. I think that is a great thing for me. It makes life that much more efficient! I have tagged a few of my previous posts on my blog, so I am starting to et the hang of it. This tool would be great, especially for older students doing research and being able to share info. A study group can just share all their research without cutting, pasting, emailing, etc.

Thing #12

I read most of the articles and just skimmed a few. I like that one of the sources noted that the comments should be concise and also help promote or even sustain a conversation. Of course, I appreciate the fact that criticisms should be constructive, too.
I did notice that one of the blogs discuss responding to comments. I have been getting some comments on my blog and I have never responded to them. So, I am going to make an effort to do that. It is like having a visitor in your home, at least a pleasant "thank you for stopping by" should be given!

I spent some time reading peoples blogs and made my comments on postings and pictures. It is fun to see other peoples avatars, ideas, thoughts.

There are a few blogs I follow personally. The reason I follow them is because they are people I know. women are witty, smart, and funny. I enjoy the smile they give me when I read their blog. I also follow the Katy Blog from the website- it just keeps me up to date on the hot topics that are being talked about in my community.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thing #11

I love to read and I love to know what other people are reading. I really liked this site. I wanted my list of books to have covers/pictures and I did not always find that on the amazon search--so it took we awhile to make a list of my current readings. I found my covers from searching Harris County Library :) and Arkansas library.
I read a few posts about recent books from my favorite authors, but I did not find a group to join.
I will add books to my list as I read them.