Monday, July 6, 2009

Thing #12

I read most of the articles and just skimmed a few. I like that one of the sources noted that the comments should be concise and also help promote or even sustain a conversation. Of course, I appreciate the fact that criticisms should be constructive, too.
I did notice that one of the blogs discuss responding to comments. I have been getting some comments on my blog and I have never responded to them. So, I am going to make an effort to do that. It is like having a visitor in your home, at least a pleasant "thank you for stopping by" should be given!

I spent some time reading peoples blogs and made my comments on postings and pictures. It is fun to see other peoples avatars, ideas, thoughts.

There are a few blogs I follow personally. The reason I follow them is because they are people I know. women are witty, smart, and funny. I enjoy the smile they give me when I read their blog. I also follow the Katy Blog from the website- it just keeps me up to date on the hot topics that are being talked about in my community.


  1. Would you include a link to 1-2 of the blogs you follow? That way we can join the converstion if we want. I already see one on your blog list on the left that I may tale a look at...I deream of being organized some day!

  2. Sharing and reading blogs is a great way to connect and create community across boundaries. You might also enjoy our Asst. Superintendent's new blog for our students. Jennifer Blaine uses it to encourage students to share their ideas and concerns with her.