Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing #14

Once again I am overwhelmed with a site. I could play for hours on Technorati just doing searches and not even actually reading the blogs. When I did the School Library Learning- I used "exact words" to search. I came up with about 21 tags, 128 blogs, and over 3000 in the blog directory. It seems like the most popular blogs out there are technical/computer ones and entertainment information. Which seems pathetic, (the entertainment ones) but I love those sites, too.
I like the idea of tagging. I liked what the news article (Chicago Tibune) said about dilicious - where you (the reader)are tagging what you find interesting and how you want to categorize it--it is for the user. The technorati site is based on how the publisher wants to categorize the post or information. They are both great sites to do searches and explore- but one is based on the writer and one is based on the readers. One thing for sure--- whatever information you need can be found on these sites. I am always "googling" questions (how to paint a piece of furniture= was the latest) now I have new sites to ask my questions.

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  1. The bloggers who tag and the readers who search the tags drive much of the information world now. Tagging really controls searches and gives the normal users the power to decide what subjects are important.