Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing #20

I have been familiar with you tube- of course only for watching silly videos people post and email around. I had not had any experience with teacher tube. I searched for professional information (speech therapy, social stories, apraxia, language therapy, etc). I am amazed at the amount of videos that I found. It is surprising how many people took the time to video and then post a video with information or just a video of a therapy session. I have never thought to actually post of video of me conducting therapy. I can see how beneficial this would be-- I am glad I know it is there. A strategy that speech pathologist use with student that have difficulty with social skills- kids with autism or PDD- are social stories. These are usually short stories with simple sentences, written in the first person and sometimes contains pictures of the student doing the task. They describe what a behavior should look like-- how you stand in line, how you get the teachers attention, etc. Therapist are now starting to use the flip cameras and filming the students performing the task correctly. This is a teacher tool that is helpful for these students. I found several social stories video on teacher tube.

I am glad I know this resource is there--I am not sure I will ever download a video, but I would probably use one of the video's posted in therapy.

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