Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #19

The Web 2.0 Awards- is a great resource to "tag". I have used several of the sites--Zillow, google/yahoo maps, craiglist, pandora, esty and facebook- to name a few.
I tried getting on DOOF- because it caught my attention, but the link did not work. I also enjoyed playing with Lyric Mode-- I certainly need that site (my kids remind me of that everytime we listen to music in the car!)
I really like the way it was laid out on the chart format. I am not really sure how I would use this site for my Elementary age speech students. I am sure it is a great resource for librarians- it lists all the sites we have been learning about in one spot. So-- in thing18 I said I was a little overwhlemed with the new info-- now I know all the sites I have learned about are right here.

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